Manufacture of molds for building blocks

Manufacture of molds for building blocks

The building blocks of concrete represent a unique solution for building of temporary and permanent constructions. The blocks are easy to assemble without the need of fasteners. In a flexible and variable way you can build customized sustained walls, partition panels, warehouses, farm buildings… These constructions are widely used in many sectors – building industry, recycling, agriculture, mining…

The company JONA is a producer of molds for manufacture of building blocks of concrete.

The molds are distinguished by ease of use, affordability and durability.

In addition to standard sizes and shapes we are also able to respond to individual customer requirements, leading to creation of unique products on the building market.

Who are these molds intended for?

For micro and large enterprises, start-ups as well as those well-established, which do not necessarily need to have a large initial capital and want to profit from launching or developing a business in the field of building of concrete constructions useful in many industrial and building sectors.

What is the course of manufacture of building blocks of concrete?

A steel mold for manufacture of building blocks consists of two parts which are easily assembled by wedges. The concrete mix is poured into a mold. By using a concrete vibrator the concrete penetrates to all parts of the mold. After the hardening of the concrete the mold is disassembled by removing the wedges. The finished block is ready to use.
The product is especially suitable for concrete producers that may use their residual concrete for manufacture of building blocks.

The price list will be sent upon request HERE.