Production of molds for vibrating presses

Production of molds for vibrating presses
    • We are a development partner, manufacturer and provider of quality services in the field of molds for concrete elements.
    • We have rich experience in manufacturing molds for machines of brands like Hess, Masa, Adler, Quadra, Demler, Pierre & Bertrand Balbinot, Sigma, Zenith, Ame and others.
    • The quality of our products is ensured by the use of specific materials whose durability is enhanced by the process of heat treatment – nitriding and cementation.
    • To support efficient management of our customers, our company has developed a new type of molds for manufacture of concrete blocks – mountable molds. Unlike the classic form, this type of mold is designed in such way that its different parts are removable and therefore easy to replace.
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