We offer repair services for machines and equipment ranging from general and medium repairs to small repair jobs. Since repairs of machines and equipment are one of the most important aspects of well-functioning production, all customer requirements are dealt with promptly.

Repairs and service manufacture of precast concrete products 

We have experience in repairs and modernization of machines, equipment and moulds for manufacture of concrete products of competitive producers of renowned as well as lesser known brands.

If necessary, we can redesign a mould for a different type of machine or product and a machine to produce a different type of product.

The servicingof moulds for manufacture of concrete products includes:

  • general repairs and modernization,
  • swiftmanufacture and replacement of spare parts,
  • centeringof punches,
  • welding of damaged mold frames,

Repairs and service various industries

Repairs of machines and equipment of different industries, repairs and renovation of mechanical parts of equipment. Renovation of ancillary equipment for construction machines, agricultural machinery or other components of various machinery.