Manufacture of machines and equipment

Our company specializes in manufacture of automated lines, handling and transport systems, single-purpose machines and equipment. 

According to projects and designs assigned we prepare a drawing documentation with emphasis on the cost-effectiveness, functionality and safety of the machine or equipment. Since we design “custom-made” machines, we are able to align production processes of several machines into a functioning assembly. In this type of manufacture, we use 3D technology of measurement of production premises. It is not rare that a product prototype is part of the final product of the order.

Our machines include innovative solutions needed to meet new market demands in the field of concrete block manufacture (e.g. grinding lines, splitting machines…).

In addition to machines designed for producers of concrete elements, in our practice we have also manufactured machines for other industries: agriculture, water management, construction…

Repairs of machines and equipment

  • Repairs of machines and equipment ranging from general and medium repairs to small specialised repairs.
  • Since repairs of machines and equipment are one of the most important aspects of well-functioning production, all customer requirements are dealt with promptly.
  • Our team, consisting of experts with many years of experience, is experienced in repairing machines and equipment for the manufacture of concrete products of established as well as lesser-known brands.